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The History of Silver
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Century's ago when silversmiths first started working with silver they discovered that it was far too soft to work with and had to be assimilated with other, more resilient, base metals before it could be moulded - (Chanel bracelet). It is due to this discovery that from 1300 BC all silver metals had to be tested to show that they contained more than 92.5% silver.
This hallmarking system has survived to present day without much change . It is these hallmarks that provide silver collectors with their most important identification tool. Hallmarks are stamped by the Official Assay Offices, together with the marker's own mark, so you can identify where, when and who made the pieces of silver - (Replica Chanel jewelry). You can also learn to tell if the style of the piece is consistent with the date indicated by its markings. Although this hallmarking system of marking was most rigorously applied in England, most countries have some form of identifying marking system
- ( Tiffany )
. For example Mexico use numbers that signify the quality of a piece.

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