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Chanel's Top Luxury Jewelry Series
Haley jewelry  Addtime:2010/4/24   Red:4234 【 Size:L M S

Ingenious combination of a variety of colored gemstones, Chanel jewelry replica ,set off Venice colorful visual theme, cleverly integrated into St - (Tiffany Earrings). Mark's Basilica dome arch curve, hollow design and crystal stones the skin under the looming, Creative design of the design show a low-key luxury.
St. Mark's White K gold bracelet with precious sapphire and emerald, bracelets, the main design concept of the cross of Malta is also presented an abstract idea of camellias, precious stones next to the sun's rays are the lines of the entire bracelet is more lively. The same series of St Mark's rose gold bracelet with precious lies in three different colors of spinel (red, pink, blue) at the same time, more must be both the same quality, color and carat number.
In the St - (Replica Chanel jewelry). Mark's brooch, the colored stones inlaid laws, neat but with ingenuity, like the paintings have a structured touch of ease. Series also includes Chanel brooch is available with. (can use as necklace), and diamond ring
- ( Bvlgari )

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